David Macias, CEO and Founder

David Macias, CEO and Founder, Silicon Valley Tech and Gaming Veteran

David’s a serial entrepreneur with a broad array of marketing and technology experiences. This gives him a unique perspective in the disruptive emerging trend described as the gamification of life and business. His career has led him to build, market and evangelize some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative products and platforms across the tech eco-system. He has worked for Hewlett-Packard (RISC computers), Apple Computer (Quicktime), Sun Microsystems (Java consumer technology), Atari Games Time Warner Interactive, IAC (InstantAction), Movea (Wiimote), GigSky (Apple eSIM), as well as myriad of other start-ups and early-stage companies.

A highlight of his gaming experience was as the product manager for the hit Atari game San Francisco Rush which has earned well over $250 million in franchise-wide revenue most of which was in quarters, the original micro-transaction. A distinctive innovator, his experience also includes producing Revolution Games Network an industry pioneering web service that combined self-publishing for game developers and social networking for game players. David also directed marketing for Movea, the pioneering company in motion-sensing technology for consumer devices and computing (AirMouse), gaming (Wiimote), healthcare (BioVal), and sports (Oxylane).

Some of his other technology experience includes serving as an evangelist for Sun Microsystems Java consumer technology and closing a pioneering deal an interactive TV for Java TV with Disney TeleVentures. He developed desktop video strategy for Apple’s QuickTime technology amd began his career as a hardware engineer designing minicomputers HP labs. David has leveraged his technical chops throughout the years across the tech landscape providing strategic leadership or evangelism on Java-chip semiconductors, IoT network appliances and sensor networks, and most recently motion-sensing big data and mobile web technology.

David has an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University where he was also admitted to Eta Kappa Nu the international honor society for electrical engineering.